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Superior privileges for Vvip Exclusive Member Customers

1.Receive the right to participate in special activities, services, offers both inside and outside Thailand.

2.Discounts in your birth month, Birthday Vouchers and exclusive campaigns.

3. Update news Invited to join the event Offline and special offers before anyone else

4.1 Code per 1 time use. We reserve the right to receive benefits for 1 person/right throughout the program.

5. Rights to discounts on accommodations in hotels and restaurants, club lounges, Cafe, Bar, and Nightclubs, establishments, lounges in chains participating with BKKESCORTSHIGHEND all across Thailand (details of all hotels, restaurants and Club lounge Cafe and Nightclub participating in the program will appear on the VVip page)

6.Rights to access the profiles of all leading models and stars of Thailand and world-class models will appear on the VVip page.

7.Right to Access information on Escort ladyboys, ladyboys, national profiles, all throughout Thailand.

8. The right to access information on Escort male leading models who have passed current competitions and all international competition stages around the world.

9. Receive Gift Voucher Coupons, discounts at stores, concerts and festivals, and many other activities. Lifestyle enhancement services in the Chain BKKESCORTSHIGHEND group. All over Thailand

10.Personal VIP Ambassador


– Conditions are as specified.

-We reserve the right to change any conditions without notice. Let me know in advance.

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